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Touch Screen Ventilation Controller - TS32MZ

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Product Details:

The Touch Screen Ventilation TS32 controller worries about the management of an entire barn so you don’t have to. It is capable of continuously controlling barn temperature, CO2, feeding, water, alarms, lights, etc.

General Capabilities:

  • 8 actuators

  • 8 variable 0-10V outputs

  • 16 on/off relays

  • 25+ Analog inputs

  • And many more!

Please review the manual for a more detailed breakdown.

Need more actuators, relays or variable outputs? Expansion units are available! More details about them can be found here

For more details download the TS32 Feature Sheet

Download Feature Sheet

Packaged With:

9x VP16 - Temperature Probes

9x Temperature probes capable of reading between -40*C to 50 *C

USB Stick for Firmware Updates

USB stick compatible with the TS32 intended for updating firmware on the controller

Mounting Hardware

Intended for mounting the TS32 to a wall

  • 4x wood screws

  • 4x snap cap

  • 4x countersink washer