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Hog Sorter Controller - HS0912C

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Product Details:

The Hog Sorter Scale head is a controller for hog sorting mechanisms. It is a highly reliable and customizable controller with a user friendly interface, which makes it easier to sort your livestock according to weight.

  • Direct Connection of 1 or 2 Load Cells

  • Retains up to 4000 Weight Records

  • 2, 3 or 4 Way Sorting Possible

  • Up to 8 Groups

  • As many as 3 Paints

  • Activate Air Blast to Clear Gate

  • Manual and Automatic Modes

  • Can Adjust Settings while Sorting

  • Computer Interface for Recording Data

  • Compatible with All Sorting Gates

  • 12V Outputs to Relays

  • Simple User Interface and Settings

  • Complete Pen Capacity Control

Packaged With:

12V Power Supply

This is a 12V 1.5 amp power supply.