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10 Stage Ventilation Controller - FL10S2A

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Product Details:

The 10 Stage 2 Zone Controller is a higher-end and highly reliable controller capable of handling larger systems requirements that go beyond what the 2, 4 and 6 stage controllers can do. This product has an additional user-friendly screen to display more information than other controllers.

More Product Info:

  • 2 Variable Speed Fans

  • 8 On/Off Fan or Heat Stages with Timer.

  • 2 Inlet Actuators Using Potentiometer Feedback.

  • 4 Indoor Temperature Probes

  • 1 Outdoor Temperature Probe

  • Select Probes for each Heat or Fan Zone.

  • LED Display of Temperature for Quick and Easy Reading Even From Far Away.

  • LCD Display of Detailed Information

  • 36 LED Indicators to Show Stage Status

  • Growth Curve Allows Automatic Adjustment of Temperature and Minimum Ventilation rate.

  • High and Low Temperature Alarms

  • Records High and Low temperatures for Each Probe.

  • 8 Fan Motor Curves for Fine-Tuning of Fan Speeds

  • Records Run Times of On/Off Stages and Number of Times each Inlet has Moved.

  • Records Heater Percent on time in 2 hour segments for the last 24 hours.

Packaged With:

VP16 - Temperature Probes

Our temperature probes reliably and accurately read temperatures between -40°C and 50°C (-40°F and 122°F).

Relay Package
Size 6

The relays from this package are mounted outside the controllers they come with. Connectors are included in the package to connect the relays to actuators.