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At Temperonic Control Systems Ltd., we combine our extensive skills in both electronics and computer
programming to create products that suit your farming needs. We specialize in ventilation controls and hog sorting, among other farming functions. Our products help our customers closely monitor their barns’ conditions and make adjustments as needed to keep livestock comfortable. Through integration with computer systems, our products make it easy to store and access data about your barns and farming activities.

Popular Products

Hog Sorter

The Variable Speed Module is a simple and reliable controller that can control variable speed fans. To make the most of this controller, it needs to be connected to another controller like the TS32 or the 6 Stage Ventilation controller.

Touch Screen Controller

The Touch Screen Ventilation TS32 controller worries about the management of an entire barn so you don’t have to. It is capable of continuously controlling barn temperature, CO2, feeding, water, alarms, etc.

More Temperonic Controllers

Temperonic has a selection of other controllers to suit your farming needs.

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Manual Library

Manuals for all our products are available to download. They can be found in our manual library.